Certainty vs Uncertainty

//Certainty vs Uncertainty

Certainty vs Uncertainty

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, in a recent discourse, addressed the subject of “Certainty versus Uncertainty” and how these opposites can affect one’s life. He equated certainty with happiness and uncertainty with unhappiness. What I value and appreciate about Guruji’s teachings is that often just one seemingly simple equation when elaborated on by him can have the most profound impact on one’s life. The wisdom of the equation of certainty with happiness and uncertainty with unhappiness immediately felt true for me. The following is my reflection on that equation from a personal perspective and experience.

We expect that in the normal course of life’s events people will come and go. Sometimes though their going can be completely unexpected and have dire emotional consequences. One day out of the blue my husband of twenty years took me by complete surprise and asked for a divorce. I never expected or anticipated such a development, and I certainly did not want a divorce. His request threw me into uncertainly. Divorce was never supposed to be a reality for me. I was from the Asian culture! If I did whatever it took to be a good wife I was guaranteed to have a solid, happy and everlasting marriage. I thought I was being the perfect wife by focusing on financial stability for my family. My life as I knew it, from my perspective, was full of certainty and that made me happy. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I became so unhappy. My life as I knew it no longer existed. I felt desperate and anxious as fear of the future engulfed me like a big tidal wave. There was so much uncertainty. The sorrow spilling out of me felt like I was in a movie; how could such uncertainty and unhappiness be my life?

When close relationships end abruptly as mine did, the uncertainty which results can lead to great unhappiness because the emotional impact is deep and severe. The stress of such uncertainty and the unhappiness which accompanies it can alter a person’s health and compromise the quality of one’s life. Poor sleep, mind chatter, anxiety, depression and fear of the future are some of the symptoms associated with the unhappiness created by uncertainty.

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